Garbage containers out of sight

An eyesore in every garden, the waste containers. By placing a beautiful instant hedge of Hedera around them, they are out of sight, but within reach. The smell of the Hedera also masks the stench of the containers.

This hedge is made with Hedera Yellow Ripple. This variety with pointed leaves makes it just a bit more exclusive than the standard Hedera hedges.

kant en klaar haag om afvalcontainers
kant en klaar haag om afvalcontainers
kant en klaar haag voor schutting

Boring neighbor’s fence?

Put a green ready hedge in front of it! That looks a lot better than that awful fence the neighbors have picked out, doesn’t it? These people in Haarlem also thought that. They immediately become a lot happier with their garden. They did this with Hedera Goldchild.

Very strong Hedera Colchica

Colchica is very hardy  down to -35 ºC. They are particularly suitable for places where plants normally have a hard time thriving, for example in windy places or near coastal areas. This is a very strong strain. In winter the leaf has beautiful red veins, which has an extra decorative value.

kant en klaar haag afgewisseld met schutting
kant en klaar haag afgewisseld met schutting

Fence and hedges alternated

In this garden, the long fence wall is interrupted in a playful way with instant hedges. The yellow variegated Hedera Goldchild gives a cheerful appearance.

Privacy created

A wonderful, relaxing place in the green has been created here. The Hedera helix hedges with small leaves make this a very dense hedge that offers privacy.

kant en klaar haag geeft privacy
kant en klaar haag geeft privacy
On the day of plants
Two months after planting

Chickens in the green

These photos clearly show how quickly the ready-to-use hedge grows. The photo on the left was taken on the day of planting. Two months later, where some light still came through, it is a completely green wall. A nice setting for these chickens to roam around. This is the Hedera Goldchild.

Terrace in the green

There was little room for greenery in this garden. That is why the owners managed to get this in the garden by placing a fresh green instant hedge. They have chosen the Hedera Goldchild.

kant en klaar haag in plantenbak
kant en klaar haag in plantenbak

Hedges in planters

If you don’t have a garden in which to plant the hedges, but would like a green partition, planters are a good alternative. With planters on wheels, you can even play with position. If desired, you can create shade or a spot out of the wind. The planters are also very suitable on a balcony or roof terrace.

We do not sell these planters, but we can email a drawing of these planters. Then you only have to order the wood and assemble the bins. We recommend using hardwood. Then you will enjoy it for decades.

The planters that are suitable for our ready-to-use hedges are for sale in the Garmundo webshop. Available in hardwood and Corten steel.

Don’t want to wait for a densely grown hedge?

You can install this green partition in just one day. Placing the instant hedge is just as easy as putting up a fence. View the user manual here which explains step by step how to place the hedges.