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The number 1 for your Instant Hedges


Here you can buy your ready-made hedges directly from the grower, which have been cultivated with passion and skill.


The instant hedges keeps their leaves all year round, so a green secretion also in autumn and winter.


All varieties are resistant to frost. Some varieties even down to -35 ºC.

The specialist for your instant hedge

At the modern nursery of A.J. le Clercq is grown with care, attention and knowledge of instant hedge elements. The 180cm high en 120cm wide hedges are available from us in eight different Hedera (ivy) varieties. Variation in large leaf, small leaf, completely green or variegated, pointed leaf or more round. There is a suitable variety for every garden. They are evergreen all year round, so in autumn and winter also a nice dense hedge.

hedera goldchild
hedera dentata variegata
hedera colchica

Don’t want to wait for a densely grown hedge?

You can install this green partition in just one day. Placing the instant hedge is just as easy as putting up a fence. View the user manual here which explains step by step how to place the hedges.

The fully-grown ready-to-use hedge elements can be picked up immediately in Alphen aan den Rijn.

We can arrange transport throughout Europe for you.

Instant hedge as a decorative fence

The ready-to-use hedges are grown by us in trays with a vertical rack of 120 centimeters wide and 180 centimeters high and are fully grown.
The Hedera (ivy) plant is a very suitable plant for garden fences and grows in all types of soil. They are hardy and evergreen or variegated. In addition, they are very suitable as decoration for a fence, shed or wall.


Available to everyone

We cultivate for gardeners, contractors, road builders, municipalities, garden and landscape architects and garden centers.
Private individuals can also contact us for instant hedges.

Ready-made hedges in mobile planters

In addition to placing the instant hedge in the ground, other applications are also possible. For example, a planter on the balcony or mobile planters on the terrace. The planters that are suitable for our instant hedges are for sale in the Garmundo webshop. Available in hardwood and Corten steel.