Hedera Colchica 

This is a dark green, large-leaved variety, they have slightly larger leaves than Hibernica and Woerner. Colchica is very winter hardy down to -35ºC. Colchica is particularly suitable for places where plants normally struggle to thrive, for example in windy places or near coastal areas. This is a very strong variety and is not susceptible to diseases.
In winter, this species also has a high ornamental value because of the beautiful red drawing on the leaves.

hedera colchica
Red/green winter leaf

hedera dentata variegata

Hedera colchica Dentata Variegata

This large-leaved variety has white/green leaves and black berries in autumn. It is a good growing plant, hardy and can tolerate sun and shade well.

Hedera algeriensis Gloire de Marengo

This is a very decorative variegated Hedera with large cream-white/green leaves and the tendrils have a red color. This variety is an eye-catcher in the garden and can tolerate frost well.

Hedera Helix

This is a beautiful green small-leaved variety. It is a strong variety and is also very hardy. Provides full, dense vegetation and grows at a moderate rate.

Hedera helix Goldchild

This is a beautiful small-leaved golden yellow variety, is a slow grower and is very decorative. Goldchild is suitable for hedges, but is also suitable for decorating a bare fence or shed by placing a screen here and there. This variety is hardy.

yellow ripple has pointed yellow variegated leaves

Hedera helix Yellow Ripple

This variety grows well and has small serrated yellow/green leaves. It is a decorative variety very similar to Goldchild. However, Yellow Ripple has pointed leaves and Goldchild has round leaves. It is a strong variety and hardy. If you want something different than usual, but a fresh yellow-green hedge, this is a nice alternative to the Goldchild.

Hedera helix Woerner

This variety is slightly darker green than Hibernica, with light veins which gives a nice accent to this Hedera. It is also a fast-growing species, pruning once or twice a year is sufficient. This is a very hardy Hedera and is resistant to diseases. 

hedera woerner
hedera woerner

hedera hibernica

Hedera Hibernica

Hibernica has light green leaves. It is a very fast grower and needs to be pruned several times a year to keep it in check. This species is susceptible to diseases.

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