Do you also deliver to private individuals?
Yes, Hedgeworld supplies business and private customers.

What is the minimum order unit?
We do not have a minimum order unit. We do charge transport costs 1 on 1 to you. You are of course free to arrange your own transport.

Is Hedgeworld certified?
Yes, Hedgeworld is part of tree nursery A.J. le Clercq B.V.. We attach great importance to the environment and wish to deal with it positively. In order to communicate this visibly, we are MPS-GAP certified.

Where is our privacy statement?
Our privacy statement can be found via this link.

Do you also deliver?
We prefer to leave this to a transport company. We can take care of this for you. Of course you can also arrange transport yourself or come and pick up the hedges.

What are the delivery costs?
We cannot give an unequivocal answer to this. It depends on several factors. Above all, we want to charge a fair price for this. Please send us an email so that we can provide you with an itemized quote.

What are the delivery times?
We have the instant hedges in stock, they are generally always available. Delivery time depends on the transport, but it must be possible to achieve this within a week.

Leveren jullie ook de houten palen?
It is most economical for you to buy the wooden posts yourself from a timber trade or hardware store. They are specialized in this and given the transport costs, it is best to get this yourself from your area. If you like to buy them at the same time as the hedges, we always have a stock.

I am very happy with my beautiful instant hedge and would like to share it. Is this allowed and how do I do this?
Naturally! We strive to be a source of inspiration and you do that best together. We are very happy with inspirational images and are happy to draw attention to them. You can email your photo to or leave a message on our facebook page. We are looking forward to.

The instant hedges

What are the dimensions of the instant hedges?
The hedges are 120cm wide and 180cm high above the ground. The 20 cm high box containing the root ball of the hedge goes into the ground. In total, the hedge + box is 200 cm high. The width of the container that goes into the ground is 15 cm.

Do the black plastic inserts have to be removed?
Yes, of course. If you leave the plastic sheets in the ground, the Hedera will not be able to root further. This is necessary for the preservation of the ready-made hedge. You can remove the two sheets by pulling them out on the side of the rack. If this is a bit tricky, use a knife to cut some carrots to loosen the skins. The hedera is strong enough to recover this.

How often should I prune?
On average, it is necessary to prune the hedge once or twice a year. It varies by species. The Hedera Helix varieties grow more slowly than the other varieties, pruning once a year is sufficient for these varieties.

When should I prune?
In principle, you can prune the ivy all year round. We do not recommend pruning during winter frost periods. The best times to prune are in the spring, in April and May after the first growth. And in the autumn, August, September so that the ivy can still recover from the pruning before winter sets in.