A green partition in no time

These instant hedges are the perfect choice for those who want to be quickly out of the wind and/or sheltered or who want to create privacy. The hedge consists of two inserts which you can pull out on both sides of the hedge, after that the hedge is ready to plant. Read step by step below how to place the hedges exactly.

hedera glorie de marengo haag
hedera colchica haag
hedera dentata variegata haag

Step-by-step plan

Place the wooden posts in the ground.
Provide 120 cm of space between the posts.

Dig a trench in the ground between the posts of at least 120 x 20 x 20 centimeters.
The hedera likes it when the soil around it is loosened,
so that the hedge has the space to root well.

Remove the black plastic inserts.
Pull the two loose parts aside as shown in the picture.
If the roots are too tight around the plastic, cut them loose with a knife.

Place the instant hedge in the trench you have dug.

Secure the hedge to the wooden posts.
You can use clamps like this one for this.
The clamps can be ordered from us and are for sale in the Gardero webshop.

Water the hedge regularly enough so that it does not dry out.

After that you can immediately enjoy your sheltered spot.

kant en klaar haag in plantenbak

Care tips for beautiful, full hedges

It is important to keep the hedges moist. It is especially important in the first months that the hedges are watered regularly. Preferably daily for the first six weeks.

The hedera is an easy plant. For good development, it is nice if the soil is not too firm, so that the roots have the space to find their way in the soil.

If you want to give the hedge a boost to get the growth of the roots going well the first time, you can sprinkle some cow manure granules with it.

Do you still have a question after placing the hedges?

Feel free to ask us your questions. You can reach us in any way you like. View the contact page for this.