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Hedera Colchica

This is a dark green, broad-leaved specie, (slightly larger leaves than hibernica and Woerner). Colchica is hardy to-35 C. Hedera Colchica is extremely suitable for places where normally plants will no grow, for example on windy places or at coastal areas. This is a very strong type and is not susceptible to diseases.

Hedera hibernica Woerner

This species is slightly darker green than Hibernica, with light veins that gives a lovely accent to this Hedera. It is also a fast growing species, 1-2 times a year pruning is sufficient. This is a very hardy Hedera and is immune to diseases.

Hedera Helix

This is a beautiful green small leaved Hedera variant. It is a strong kind and is also hardy. Gives a full dense vegetation and will grow in a medium way

Hedera helix Glacier

This is a good growing Hedera with small lobed leaves. The color is silver green/creamy white. This species is hardy and is a colorful addition to the garden. It can also on some darker places in the garden with it's silver Variegated leaf.

Hedera helix Goldchild

This is a nice small leaved golden yellow variety and is a quiet grower and is very decorative. Goldchild is suitable for hedges, however is also suitable for other places to be decorated by a screen. This species is hardy.

Hedera Glory de Marengo

This is a very decorative hedera with large cream-white/green leaves and the branches have a red color. This specie is an eye-catcher in the garden and can survive the cold.

Hedera helix Yellow Ripple

This species is well growing and has small serrated yellow/green leaves and is just like Hedera Golchild also very decorative. It is a strong kind and hardy.

Hedera Hibernica

Hedera hibernica has light green leaves. It is a very fast grower, it has to be pruned several times a year. Is sensitive to diseases.